There's long been a rumor that Jordynne Grace was offered a contract with Impact through a social media direct message. Grace clarified how she joined Impact when she joined The Wrestling Inc Daily.

"Scott D'Amore originally contacted me through a Twitter DM and we exchanged phone numbers. Then I was offered the contract through the phone conversation," Grace said before noting that she is under contract until May of 2021.

The new Impact Knockouts Champion then talked about what it's like working with Impact management.

"Scott is one of the coolest guys ever. When he talks business, it's serious. But in general, he's kinda one of the boys," said Grace. "He was a wrestler himself so he knows how it is and looks out for the best interests for everybody."

Grace will be a part of an upcoming TNA throwback pay-per-view and she was asked what Impact has in mind for her at the event.

"Dude, I have no idea," replied Grace, who was also asked about possibly reuniting with Scott Steiner and Petey Williams. "They haven't told me anything about that. It could possibly happen but personally I would love to wrestle a former Knockout. But who knows what's gonna happen.

"I would love to wrestle Hamada and I actually tweeted that. I think she retired maybe last year but that would be one of my dream matches."

At the 2019 Unbreakable event, Grace teamed up with Steiner and Williams and she talked about working with Big Poppa Pump.

"You know what's so funny is that the first few times we worked together I don't think he knew my name," revealed Grace. "He's Scott Steiner so why would he know my name? But he's been my idol for a long time and I think he's awesome. But I don't think he knew I was jokingly calling him my dad because the first time we did our Impact [promo] together along with Petey, he slapped my ass during the promo. I was like, 'Well, I can never say you're my dad again [laughs].'

She then discussed that controversy where Steiner slapped her on the backside before and after the match with some people on social media saying it was sexual assault.

"It was stupid," Grace said of the controversy. "The first time he slapped my ass, I said, 'Ok, whatever.' I didn't know he was gonna slap my ass at the end of the match, but what are you gonna do? I acted like I was surprised because I didn't know how to play it off.

"He asked me if he could do it and I don't know how I can tell Scott Steiner 'no.' So I just let him do it [laughs]."

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