PCO Talks Sinclair Injecting Lots Of Money Into ROH In 2020, Marty Scurll's ROH Creative Direction

Ring of Honor is coming off a successful free event appropriately called Free Enterprise. ROH champion PCO and Marty Scurll successfully defeated RUSH and Nick Aldis at the event and PCO talked about the backstage vibe when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily.


"The vibe since our Christmas party ? which was around November or December and everyone was there in Baltimore at the offices for Sinclair Broadcasting ? the vibe was super, super positive. We know we have one of the most talented locker rooms in pro wrestling. If you look at AEW or WWE, probably 50 percent of their wrestlers come from Ring of Honor. We know what we can do now and Sinclair decided to inject a lot of money into the program. We have a solid base with 217 TV stations plus they bought another branch of TV stations," revealed PCO.

He added that at Free Enterprise it was so great because they got to bring in so many new fans to experience their product. Everything within the company has just been even more positive since then.


"I've been with different companies where times were hard, and the attitude has always been a key factor in where we're going. The attitude of the locker room has been incredible," said PCO. Marty Scurll re-signing with ROH has been a huge boost."

Not only did Scurll re-sign with ROH but he also became the head booker. PCO discussed watching him move into a backstage role.

"He's the same. Marty has always been one of the leaders in the locker room. He always gives out a lot of his ideas to improve the product. Now that he's in charge, let's say you add 25 percent of Marty then the overall product of ROH is now gonna get 80-90 percent [better]," stated PCO.

"It's one thing to have ideas for a show, but it's another to present it on TV. He needs to get that experience on how to run a whole TV show. He's more on a creative side but he's been all over the place [laughs]. He's gotta take care of his match and a bunch of other matches. He's got to watch some matches and some new talent we just signed. He's working really hard."

PCO then talked about some of Scurll's priorities within his new position of power.

"From traveling with Marty, I knew that one of the biggest things he wanted to accomplish was to get that relationship with NJPW back to where it was and to get a good relationship with NWA," revealed PCO. "There may be others too but it's not my job to say what it's gonna be. The other goal? I think he's got the pulse for what the fans want. He's gonna try to give fans what they really want so I think he's gonna be really good at that."


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