Tama Tonga is a founding member of the Bullet Club and has been there since the beginning. The stable will be holding an upcoming Beach Party after holding Block Parties in the past and Tonga discussed what will be different this time when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily.

“Just the vibe. It’s not a block party in the city ? we’re on the beach. We’re on the water and it’s a whole new thing. Shorts, swim suits, sun shades, sun block, beach balls ? that’s what it is. It’s a vibe,” said Tonga who then was asked about Flip Gordon saying if he beats him in flip cup then Gordon should be in Bullet Club.

“I’m taking some stock into it. There’s gotta be more than just beating me in flip cup ? which is not gonna happen. He’s gotta think of something better as there needs to be more, Flip. That’s just the beginning of a gauntlet.”

The Bullet Club Beach Party won’t just be the Bullet Club as ROH will be allowing their talent to appear. Tonga talked the non-New Japan talent who will take part.

“It’s not just ROH. We’ve opened it up to Ken Shamrock, Matt Sydal and more guests,” revealed Tonga. “This is a wrestling community here in America and we’re trying to extend our reach. We’re just showing love to the wrestling community and we’ll see where it goes from there. We’re gonna show that Bullet Club has a heart, you know [laughs].”

New Japan will be returning to Madison Square Garden this summer and Tonga talked about this special opportunity.

“Perfect. This is what we’ve been wanting. This is how we’ve been wanting to come to America. We made a splash the first time and wanna keep making splashes every time we come,” said Tonga. Why not make a splash at MSG, The Mecca of Wrestling?”

Last year during the Supercard show at MSG, many fans think that New Japan upstaged ROH and that played a part into the slump that ROH went into. Tonga discussed that transitional period for Ring of Honor.

“ROH went through some changes in the past year and that happens with every company. They’re just in a transitional stage. I can’t knock them for that as it happens with every company,” stated Tonga. “They have great talent and they were fun to work with. They’re hard-working guys and they have a good crew. If they stick with the guns they have, I think they’re gonna have a nice period out of the transitional period they just came out of.”

This new period for ROH also coincides with Marty Scurll becoming head booker. Tonga knows Scurll very well seeing as he was also a member of Bullet Club and Tonga discussed what he expects with Scurll having this newfound power.

“Marty has a good mind for wrestling. You can expect new ideas and a new style. Change is always good for anything and I think people will see this. I think they just did an event called Free Enterprise and I’ve heard good things. From the looks of things, they look promising so it’s a good start,” said Tonga.

Tama Tonga hosts the Bullet Club Block Party on Saturday April 4th from Whiskey Joe’s in Tampa, FL. For tickets and more information please click here. Tama’s full interview with Wrestling Inc aired as part of a recent episode of our podcast, The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Subscribe to get the latest episodes as soon as it’s released Monday – Friday afternoon: by clicking here. The full interview can be heard via the embedded audio player below: