At G1 Supercard last year, Enzo and Cass made a surprise attack during a tag match featuring both ROH and New Japan talent. While it was a work, fans and wrestlers that night wondered if it was a work or shoot and the fact that there was no follow up afterwards made it even more confusing.

Tama Tonga of New Japan was asked about that situation when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily.

"I was just as confused as you. The only difference was that I showed just how confused I was backstage to everybody and my frustrations. But I think we're good now and we've all smoothed it out. We're in a better place now," said Tonga.

He added that there is a reason Enzo is in the position he's in and Tonga said he needs to just follow his gut and leave Enzo alone.

"It was fun, I'm not gonna lie. I love going on social media and having some fun with it," admitted Tonga. "But now it's that time that I've got to take myself serious and move on."

The Bullet Club has hosted a Block Party for years and soon they'll be hosting a Beach Party instead. Tonga was asked about the success of these parties and why New Japan puts them on.

"We've had so much success in the past 6-7 years with Bullet Club and we loved all the support from the fans. So, we felt that we could give back and the Bullet Club Block Party was something we wanted to give back to the fans," said Tonga.

A non-Bullet Club member invited to the Beach Party is Ken Shamrock and Tonga expressed his admiration for The World's Most Dangerous Man.

"Oh my goodness, he is doing great and looks phenomenal. I met him down in Las Vegas last summer and he's great. I've been a big fan of his since I was a kid and I used to watch him in MMA. I'm happy to have him with us," stated Tonga.

"For his age and the way he looks and the way he's still going, you can only dream to be like that when you get older yourself."

Tama Tonga hosts the Bullet Club Block Party on Saturday April 4th from Whiskey Joe's in Tampa, FL. For tickets and more information please visit

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