Triple H On What Cathy Kelley Has Meant To WWE, Talent "Chomping At The Bit" To Replace Her

Last week Cathy Kelley announced that she's leaving WWE with Sunday's TakeOver: Portland being her last day. Kelley spent four years with WWE and her departure leaves a big void for NXT's broadcasting team.

Triple H talked about Kelley leaving and employees leaving NXT as a whole during a media scrum after TakeOver: Portland.

"It's one of the things that we're constantly doing and is what the system is built to do. When I say the system, I mean the PC, NXT, all of it. We're training everything that has to do with our business ? camera guys, sound guys, directors, backstage interviewers, ring announcers. If you look at it from the beginning, the people who cut their teeth as directors and producers in the beginning of NXT are now the directors and producers of Raw, SmackDown and WrestleMania," said Triple H.

He also noted that there are many people who work with them and then move on and apply their experience to other areas like working for movie studios or game manufacturers.

"Cathy ? I can't say enough good things about her. She's a very special person and bring so much to the table. A lot of people don't know but she's got a mental level IQ and is super smart and incredibly professional on every single level," revealed Triple H. "Steph and I have done a lot of panels with her and she just brings so much to the table. She has aspirations and dreams and things that she wants to do.

"This is very bittersweet for her. It's funny because I knew she was leaving a while ago and it took her forever to come and talk to me about it. She didn't want to break down and become emotional about it. I just told her that it's not 'goodbye' as it's 'see you down the road.' Life's crazy and you could end up back in the same path and doing the same thing. There's so many ways we could work together. She's phenomenal and we have other people in the pipeline ? that's what we do here. There's another 2-3 chomping at the bit to get the opportunity and they will knock it out the park as that's what we do. I'm thankful for the time she spent with us and I'm sure we'll see her down the road as well."

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