This morning, Braun Strowman took to Twitter to post a PSA asking fans to practice good hygiene. Strowman modified his catchphrase, “get these hands”, to “wash these hands” which has been a common precaution instructed by health officials to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

This PSA comes after WWE’s new rule for meet and greets. Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported that WWE signings over the past weekend issued a no touching rule for fans. The report noted the precautions that wrestlers have taken, and he expects that this rule will be implemented going forward for WrestleMania weekend which WWE has not canceled, but they are said to be monitoring closely.

Sasha Banks reportedly wore gloves at her signing this past weekend, while Strowman would only do fist bumps with fans at his appearance at The Big Event. The Undertaker also met with fans at The Big Event, but it was made clear that there would be no physical contact.

WWE talent recently held a meeting before RAW about precautions they can take to protect themselves from the Coronavirus. Stephanie McMahon has also issued a statement saying that the safety of fans and talent always come first.

Several U.S. events have been changed due to fears of COVID-19, including events in Florida where WrestleMania will take place, like Miami’s Ultra Music Festival and Miami’s annual Winter Music Conference. Promotions in Japan, including New Japan Pro Wrestling, have canceled shows in response to the outbreak.

You can view Strowman’s video below: