Former WCW Hardcore Champion Crowbar still wrestles on the indie scene from time to time but made an appearance in a major promotion recently. He took part in a battle royal at ROH’s Free Enterprise event which was won by Flip Gordon.

Crowbar discussed how that appearance came about when he joined The Wrestling Inc. Daily.

“I’ve kinda been off the grid for a while and a lot of people thought I retired,” said Crowbar. “I’ll give a brief history of what happened. WCW ends and there was a company called WWWA in Australia and I did that. I had a few dark matches with WWE but didn’t get picked up. I made a few appearances with TNA but didn’t get picked up. I made a few calls here and there and I always tell people to never give up their dreams. Always work hard at something you’re passionate about, but I also believe you’ve got to be realistic too.”

Crowbar eventually realized that there just wasn’t room for him in the business anymore. Rather than beat his body up, he decided to open his own physical therapy practice, had kids and tried to wrestle locally.

“I f***ing love wrestling. Call me a mark as it’s not PC for a wrestler to expose his passion for the business. But I f***ing love wrestling. I didn’t need to wrestle as I was running a business but I still wrestled once or twice a month. I never phoned it in and always tried to put on a great performance and have fun,” stated Crowbar.

“For years that’s what I did and if you didn’t live in northern Jersey you probably didn’t see me.”

In 2019 he did a Baltimore show and someone from ROH was there and that’s when talks started about bringing him in.

“The first idea that was presented to me was me vs. PCO at the Unsanctioned event which would have been cool. That ended up getting changed and going to Dan Maff who is awesome. My appearance got pushed back to December in Philly and that was cool. It was a TV match and not a [hardcore] match but a conventional one and I was booked against Eli Ice,” Crowbar said before adding he had been working on a new gimmick involving his wife and an enforcer character.

“We did the first show and then the one this past weekend in Baltimore. It just came of me deciding to do a show in Baltimore. I wanted to go down there and I used to work for NCWA back in the day. It just seemed like a fun thing to do and that’s how it came about.”

Free Enterprise was advertised as a free show so the fans undoubtedly loved it. Crowbar talked about what the ROH talent was like and the backstage atmosphere.

“People seemed excited. I was there to do a battle royal so I’m really not sure what the plans are for us going forward,” revealed Crowbar. “We heard that we will be used but who knows? But it was an exciting environment. The atmosphere was cool and we got great feedback from our match. So now we’re just kind of in limbo and taking it as it comes.”

The full interview can be heard via the embedded audio player below:

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