For the first time in history, WrestleMania will be held in the Performance Center in Orlando, FL due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, WrestleMania will be hosted by Rob Gronkowski in a two-night event.

Drew McIntyre will be on of the headliners of the show as he will challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. McIntyre spoke with to talk about his mindset going into the match.

"Nothing is ever done the easy way. I've had a lot of roadblocks put in the way, be it outside forces or myself," McIntyre said. "It's not a battle that I'm fighting myself, it's a battle the world is fighting. But nevertheless, we're going to get there, we've got WrestleMania over two days now so no matter what, I'll still beat Brock Lesnar for the title.

"It may not be how I envisioned it in my head, but I assure you, the world's never going to forget this WrestleMania."

Many have given their thoughts on WWE's decision to continue to hold WrestleMania with no fans in attendance. McIntyre said he is proud of WWE's decision as it can provide an escape for fans viewing the show.

"We'll go as long as it's safe," McIntyre added. "I'm just very happy and proud we're still going on to provide people with an escape. For me, one, people are not going to forget this, and two, this is going to be challenge.

"I always love to challenge myself. Although it's lovely to be in a stadium full of fans screaming, and my family and friends and wife there, but now that camera is going to be my personal audience."

McIntyre continued with the mindset of giving fans an escape from the COVID-19 news cycle. He explained that it would not only be his moment at WrestleMania but a moment for everyone watching.

"I'm going to find unique ways to play to that camera and reach everybody at home and to take their mind off everything that's going on," McIntyre said. "It's not going to be so much my moment now, as hopefully our moment."