WWE just announced that Dennis Rodman will be the subject of a new WWE Network documentary later this month which leads many to believe that The Worm will be a celebrity inductee into the Hall of Fame.

Rodman was a part of NWO and had a couple of matches in WCW where he teamed with Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Eric Bischoff discussed if the Rodman doc indicates he'll go into the WWE HOF on After 83 Weeks.

"If it was me, and I was on the Hall of Fame committee, or I was the person making that decision, or whatever the process is, you would have to consider it, because Dennis is a pretty high-profile individual," said Bischoff.

He was then asked who should induct Rodman if he is indeed chosen and Bischoff refused to name anyone.

"I'm not going there. Honestly, and I don't mean this to sound negative at all, but I'm kind of fatigued by reading all of the Hall of Fame tweets that come through my Twitter feed," stated Bischoff. "So, I tend just to scroll past them and try not to look at them. The less I engage in that kind of dialogue, the less my Twitter feed blows up, so I'm going to skip [answering]."

Bischoff was the executive director of SmackDown Live for roughly four months before being replaced in October. He discussed one of his ideas regarding a returning Superstar that got cut short with his departure.

"I thought Sheamus was somebody that I was really, really excited to work with because I think there's far more potential there than we've seen," said Bischoff. "There's a fresh character there that, at least, I saw in my head. It may not have worked. But I saw it in my head and I was anxious to try to make it work."