Exclusive: ROH COO Joe Koff Confirms Plans For Weekly Live ROH TV Show This Year

In recent months several wrestling promotions have gotten new TV deals whether it be NXT on USA, AEW on TNT or Impact on AXS TV. That's led to many wondering if ROH will get a TV deal and perhaps move to weekly episodes which is where their peers are at.


Joe Koff, the COO of ROH, discussed those rumors when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily.

"We are always looking at that and we have a plan on the table to look at a more weekly version. We don't have a start date yet but it is this year," revealed Koff.

"Those rumors are not necessarily rumors as they're closer to fact than not. But we'll have to see how [the ripple effect of COVID-19] transpires and if they affect us moving back that date. But it's definitely one of our goals."

ROH released a statement earlier this week in which they cancelled all events through May 31. Koff was asked about the pro wrestling landscape during these strange times.

"It's not just pro wrestling as we can't be so insular to look at it from that perspective. It's the world right now and all we can be is humble at this time and think about all of the people, nations and businesses being affected. Wrestling is being affected, there's no doubt about it. It is my business and you know how much I love it, but it seems small compared to the bigger picture," admitted Koff.


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