Almost 10 years ago Gail Kim was the on-screen boyfriend of Daniel Bryan around the same time he was being managed by the Bellas. She was asked if she noticed Bryan and Brie hitting it off early on when she joined The Wrestling Inc Daily.

“I don’t remember noticing so much but I think they got together quickly after that,” recalled Kim. “I always thought that they were a great match. They are really great humans and really down to earth. Their daughter is just the cutest that could be.”

Kim added that the Bellas totally deserve to be in the WWE Hall of Fame as they have done so much for the business.

“A couple of weeks ago someone said that they were part of the Divas Search and I didn’t even remember that. They got rid of that stigma and they’ve made a brand out of themselves,” Kim said before mentioning all of the side projects they’ve done.

“They are truly an inspiration to other women in the business.”

Kim is now part of a project called KAYFABE alongside Christy Hemme and Lita. It is a drama TV series chronicling a women’s wrestler and Kim was asked about comparisons between it and GLOW.

“We love GLOW but we would say it’s like a gritty, modern-day GLOW. If you remember, GLOW was run by a man so this is a whole different perspective,” stated Kim. “I feel like GLOW has a different audience with it as there are a lot of wrestling fans who watch it but it also has a mainstream audience. I think a lot of the true, mainstream wrestling fans will truly be drawn to this. We haven’t seen anything that’s really modern as we’ve seen incarnations of different women’s wrestling promotions. Mainstream wrestling already has so much wrestling ? WWE, Impact, ROH ? but we feel like we’re completely different and something that no one has ever seen before.”

Chavo Guerrero is a link between the two as he is the fight coordinator for GLOW and is also a contributor to KAYFABE. Kim talked about his involvement in the project.

“Chavo was a natural choice for us. He’s always been all of their friends since our WWE days. He’s always been like one of the girls as he’s been a huge [women’s] wrestling supporter,” revealed Kim. “If you look at our whole team, we’re all in alignment with that. Everyone that we chose was our first choice and everyone said ‘Yes.’

“It was great to see that everyone was so excited to be a part of something different in that women are leading it. They supported that and wanted to be a part of that ? that was very encouraging. Not only, of course, do we want women supporting women, but it’s really important for us to show the men supporting the women.”

Gail Kim, along with Christy Hemme and Amy “Lita” Dumas, have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their current “KAYFABE” project. For more information, or to donate, please visit”

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