Just days after his WWE contract expired and he became a free agent, Matt Hardy went to Twitter to praise Impact Wrestling. He commended the management and backstage officials and Kim works backstage as an Impact producer.

Kim was asked about Hardy’s comments when she joined The Wrestling Inc Daily.

“I love it. Matt had a really great experience with us and I’m not surprised that he had a positive reaction to us. Broken Matt Hardy was born in Impact Wrestling and I think he had great memories. Impact has always been a great place for camaraderie and feeling like a family,” said Kim. “I love going to work and I’m sad when I leave. That’s how everyone should feel when going to work especially within our job. I always leave on a high.”

Kim works primarily with the Knockouts Division and one of their own, Tessa Blanchard, is now the Impact World Champion. Kim discussed her reaction when she learned that Impact was going in the direction of having a female world champion.

“I think it’s great. When they made the choice to go forward with that, I’m a little bit old school so I don’t mind intergender wrestling as long as it’s believable. I think she’s believable and talented. She’s done a great job and I love that Impact was the first to take that chance and go in that direction,” stated Kim.

She added that she is glad it’s opening up the conversation of intergender wrestling. Kim admitted that she does miss Tessa wrestling with the women and noted about how Tessa vs. Taya Valkyrie last month was great for women’s wrestling.

“I think it’s great to progress women’s wrestling and that’s why we’re doing [KAYFABE] and give more of a voice to these women. So, I’m okay with it. I wouldn’t have it full-time as I love watching the women wrestling the women,” admitted Kim. “But if the story calls for it and the woman is capable and believable, I will fully support that.”

There’s been talk of Impact just combining the World Title and the Knockouts Title since women can now compete for both. Kim wasn’t a fan of that idea as more titles means more opportunities for the talent.

“No, I like having both. The more titles the better for more people to compete and more storylines,” said Kim.

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