Adam Page will be a bit more cautious when engaging in "cowboy sh-t" for the foreseeable future.

Hangman took to social media to address the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic as well as how he plans to keep healthy and safe. One-half of the AEW tag team champions outlined not just a commitment to certain personal actions but also imparted some wisdom when sharing some general practices people can note in their own lives. The piece is quite obviously tongue in cheek with the header text reading "Typed onto a piece of paper by an AEW errand boy at the drunken behest of Hangman Adam Page".

Page outlines some reasonable changes that he will be making as it relates to his character. One of those aspects covers accepting beers from fans at AEW events which Page said he will not be doing going forward. Hangman also stated he would be exclusively drinking whiskey with the logic being that "the higher alcohol content will help save off potential infection". He also clarified that he would refrain from further back and forth spitting spots like the one Page and Kazarian engaged in a relatively short time ago.

Some general practices that Adam Page mentioned again undulated between earnestly good tips and some Hangman brand silliness. Things like avoiding touching the eyes / face, avoiding public gatherings when you can, and washing your hands for at least twenty seconds. Other bullet points more on the goofy side included buying a six pack of Corona, applying your turn signal before changing lanes/ turning, and ordering pineapple as a pizza topping.

In a time where Coronavirus concerns are causing a myriad of issues for people in the wrestling world, it's good to see a bit of lighthearted humor amongst all the chaos.

You can check out Page's statement in full below:

Raj Giri contributed to this article.