Kiera Hogan is one of Impact's most-tenured Knockouts and is coming upon her three-year anniversary with the promotion. She's seen Impact move from Pop to Pursuit and now AXS TV and she talked about getting more exposure on AXS during an interview on WINC Daily.

"We've earned it rightfully. I think it's way past overdue, especially for the amazing talent on our roster and of course the hottest flame needs a permanent place to be seen as I have so many things to offer," said Hogan.

Hogan not only works for Impact, but she also works for Women of Wrestling and WOW happens to air on AXS as well. She talked about working for two promotions at the same time and how it benefits her that both are on the same network.

"It's definitely overwhelming at times but it's amazing to be working on the same network with WOW and Impact being on one place and being on two shows in a week," stated Hogan. "It's cool and I get to play two different characters so you get two different sides of the fire you get the hottest flame and you get the girl on fire."

Hogan grew up in a hotbed of pro wrestling in Atlanta, Georgia. She discussed her early wrestling memories growing up and seeing Impact at an early age.

"I liked to go to a lot of house shows," Hogan said of her youth. "TNA was one of my favorite house show events to go to growing up especially in high school when I could afford to go myself. They were always super intimate and very entertaining and that's what I love most about Impact now. It's how intimate the shows are and how close to the fans we can be."

Not only are Impact performers close proximity-wise to the fans, but the talent is also close in the locker room. Hogan was asked about Impact talent being so close backstage.

"I feel like we work together as a very cohesive unit and we make magic happen every week. It just gets better and better as time goes on and going into the new year that's all we can expect new, better and exciting things," said Hogan.

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