Ever since CM Punk signed a deal with FOX to appear on WWE Backstage, many have speculated as to when he’ll return to the ring with WWE. Mick Foley was on-set for that episode where Punk debuted on the show and he discussed the possibilities of him wrestling again when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily.

“[Laughs] I was rushing to get to the airport because I was catching a flight out. They said, ‘Hey can you just hang out?’ They call it The Avocado Room ? I don’t know why. All of a sudden I hear that iconic music and I see Punk returning. I was a guest on the show and I had no idea he was gonna be there,” admitted Foley.

“I have to imagine that at some point we all come back. It’s like Godfather III where Michael Corleone says, ‘Just when I think I’m out, they drag me back in.’ I have to think or hope there’s at least one more big match for Punk.”

Foley then said that Punk and Hunter would be a great match or maybe Punk chooses to work with one of the younger members of the roster.

“Last night I wrote after the match with Roderick Strong and Velveteen Dream that wrestling at its best is not about wins and losses but about rivalries. I think we forget that at times. It’s the rivalries that really should propel the storylines,” stated Foley. “You can get two or three hot feuds going in addition to your title matches ? now you’ve got the makings of a super card. If everyone’s just basing the importance of a match on what titles are at stake, then you’re limited in your potential of a super card.”

One of the reasons why Punk left WWE the first time around was due to health issues and suffering numerous concussions. Foley’s daughter Noelle has also struggled with concussion issues lately and Foley revealed how hers occurred.

“She got injured riding a roller coaster. Being my daughter, she grew up a huge roller coaster enthusiast. She was always tall for her age and I remember her riding Nitro at Six Flags at age 6. There was Dewey and Noelle and they had to have a 400-pound man jump on the safety bar in order to squeeze me in there,” recalled Foley.

“She grew up loving roller coasters but this one just rattled her. I hoped it would go away like most do especially if you haven’t had a succession of head injuries. But this one has been difficult for her to overcome and she’s going to see specialists. She’s looking for answers and it’s been a tough year for her.”

He then noted that she hasn’t done any wrestling training in a while. Foley feels especially guilty because he had booked an AirBnB near Dollywood, where it happened, but had to take a booking and gave Noelle and Frank the place for the weekend.

“I feel somewhat responsible for putting her in proximity. I love Dollywood and I love Dolly ? and I’m not blaming them but I’m just stating where the injury took place,” said Foley.

Noelle’s boyfriend, Frank the Clown, is an indies wrestler and he recently had a confrontation with Foley that resulted in Foley rubbing his barbed wire covered baseball back onto Frank’s genitals.

“Let’s not call it work because I can’t go from having the last singles match of my career against Ric Flair to against Frank the Clown,” stated Foley. “This was a confrontation, not a match. Frank wanted to get a little offense in but I told him that it then becomes a match. We just had some fun with it and Frank did a good job.

“He cuts a really good promo and he gets heat at these events, granted it’s with the boys in the dressing room. He drops my daughter’s name just enough so that people are resentful of him.”

Foley then noted that he got the fans at a Catholic high school ? which is where the confrontation took place ? to chant “Light him up Foley, light him up” while he doused Frank in lighter fluid.

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