Many people are currently out of work due to various businesses being shut down because of the coronavirus. That includes pro wrestlers as some promotions like ROH went dark and won’t hold any events through May 31.

ROH’s COO Joe Koff discussed how the company will handle talent during these uncertain times when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily.

“We always take care of our people. Should they be taking indie dates? They should be clearing that just as they would under normal circumstances. But who’s running? Are there promotions still running,” asked Koff.

There is talk of indie promotions running no-crowd shows like what WWE and AEW have done. That is unless a new edict comes out that forces everyone to stay inside.

“That would be draconian but maybe that’s what’s necessary,” stated Koff. “I would hope that in the spirit of humanity and social responsibility, but we’ll face that as it comes up. With certainly our contracted talent, we would have to know that anyway so we would find out. But [our talent taking indie bookings] has not been broached.”

Sinclair is the parent company of ROH and Koff was asked how they are helping the promotion during this period.

“They are letting us operate our business and we’re operating it with the same responsibility we think the company is operating in. We’re taking the guidelines from the company in a corporate standpoint in all of the individual operations. The company is fantastic and have been nothing but supportive,” revealed Koff.

“Again, this is not normal so everyday becomes another exercise on how to operate in today’s climate. But it’s very early in the game and maybe a conversation in June would have a different tone, but I expect the company to always be supportive. It’s one of their little gems.”

Despite recommendations that people don’t congregate due to risks of spreading the virus, many have ignored that edict such as groups of people taking in Spring Break. Koff discussed people ignoring those health recommendations.

“It seems crazy that there are still people congregating on beaches and in public places. They may be our fans and I hope I’m not insulting them, but there’s a social responsibility by us all. The quicker that we do what we’re asked to do, the quicker this can be contained and we can move forward,” stated Koff.

“I know that thinking about 20 or 30 people on a beach in Florida is gonna make a difference to anyone in that group that might have it. It becomes like a pebble in the water ? one little ring, two little rings, three little rings, four little rings. That’s my fear in all of this. One person touches two and two people touch five. Human life is far more important than any championship match.

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