After weeks of speculation following his contract expiring with WWE, Matt Hardy finally made his AEW debut last week on Dynamite. He appears to be portraying another version of his Broken / Woken character and did his DELETE gesture as he aligned himself with Cody.

Ryback discussed Hardy landing in AEW on "Ryback TV Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report With Raj Giri."

"I like having Hardy there. Matt is very creative and seems reinvigorated. He's done it multiple times throughout his career and I think it's a fantastic pickup," said Ryback.

"This is what you need for their talent there as it takes time to create star power and to get people to start looking at the talent you have on TV differently. You've heard Bruce Prichard say, 'Sprinkling the dust of other Superstars.'"

Ryback then compared it to when he was coming up and he never reached the next level until he was in the ring with veterans like CM Punk, John Cena and Chris Jericho.

"There's something to it in the fans' eyes where you slightly change over time and become a bigger star. AEW getting recognizable names like Matt Hardy really helps tremendously," stated Ryback. "That interaction between him and other stars we see will do nothing but elevate the people around him over time. And I thought Chris Jericho did a fantastic job and all of The Inner Circle but Chris selling up there [on Dynamite] with his facials on it.

"Chris is really making an argument for himself in the history of pro wrestling of just consistency of doing great work."

Raj then called Jericho the MVP of pro wrestling at the moment and Ryback agreed.

"It was such a smart move for him leaving WWE and getting a better schedule for himself. I like Chris he works hard, but he parties hard too. But when he works, he works. He's not like one of those billionaires who just works and can't enjoy life. Chris relaxes and enjoys life and I think he brings out the best in people around him. You can see that with The Inner Circle, those guys are having fun and Chris is the man with all of that," said Ryback.

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