Former Impact Heavyweight Champion Sami Callihan tweeted tonight that he won’t be at any wrestling shows until the coronavirus is contained.

Callihan pointed out that his family, his animals, and himself are more important than “fake fighting in our underwear.”

He first tweeted, “Fu– characters, fu– storylines…. our safety is the most important thing. Until this gets better I’m not going to ANY wrestling shows. I beg the world to be as safe as possible in this extremely scary time. Let’s join together like never before. We can get through this.”

Almost an hour later, he added, “My family… my animals… myself is more important than fake fighting in our underwear. I’m sorry. I’m not going to show until this in contained. I hope everyone does the same. The world. Our loves. Is not worth it.”

As noted, several wrestling events have been canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. WWE recently nixed its Toronto supershow live event, ROH canceled its 18th Anniversary PPV, and NJPW had to cancel several events already.

Below you can read Callihan’s tweets: