Seth Rollins Hopes His Faction Has A Name After WrestleMania

Throughout his career on the main roster, Seth Rollins has had many highs and lows. From his partnership in The Shield to his solo run as a heel, and everything after, he feels that at this point, being the "Monday Night Messiah," has given him the power to take back the leadership role he believes he's supposed to portray.

"[On how his new role has helped his confidence] I guess it's me being able to stand up more for myself, instead of being what I think I'm supposed to be," Rollins noted on WWE's The Bump this week. "I feel like I should be what I was meant to be. I've always fancied myself as a leader, no matter what role I was cast in. I think as of late, I'm not so afraid to put my feelings out there, and tell the world what they need to hear. That's not been taken too kindly by some people, I suppose."

Now that he's leading a new group with Murphy, he enjoys the chemistry he has with each of them.

"Look, Murphy and AOP – these are guys were really hungry," Rollins informed. "They've been sitting on the sidelines on the Raw roster for quite some time. Murphy clawed his way up to the top in 205 Live, and has undoubtedly, had some great showings in the ring. He was just missing that one little thing, and I think that one little thing was guidance.

"With AOP, obviously, they're monsters. There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. But, there were also missing that one thing when they came over to the main roster. When they were in NXT, they had Paul Ellering, who was a guiding force towards their direction. I think I – not to compare him to myself – but, I believe I can provide those gentlemen the same type of guidance that Ellering did."

Rezar recently underwent surgery, so the AOP's involvement in the group has reportedly been put on hold. It's still unclear as to what Rollins' new faction will be called, however, he hopes that post-WrestleMania, they can figure out a name.

"Yeah, I have some ideas [on names]," Rollins announced. "I've had some cool names in the past, so we'll see where it lands. Maybe, post-WrestleMania. But, I've got some things brewing."

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