Sonya Deville made history as the first openly gay female in WWE and since then the company has signed other LGBTQ talent. Deville was asked if she’s communicated with them in an interview with UPROXX.

“Yeah, for sure. Jake Atlas recently signed, and me and him have had a couple conversations via Instagram and stuff and he loves the new line, so I’m going to send him a bunch of stuff,” said Deville. “He’s been a super big supporter. I just think it’s so cool that there’s more of us now. When I got here, I was the only one and I was the only one for two, three years that I knew of. So, it’s really cool to see the unity.”

Deville discussed Finn Balor wearing rainbow attire at WrestleMania as well as Charlotte having t-shirts available in rainbow as other signs of progress.

“WWE really has made those steps in becoming inclusive with the LGBTQ community, and it’s been obviously, a passion of mine. So, I’ve had multiple meetings with GLAAD and other organizations, and WWE’s social resources team and stuff, to do more things like this. So, we have a bunch of stuff coming out for pride month, and hopefully with the virus and everything, a lot of that stays in place. But we’ll just have to take it day-by-day,” stated Deville.

“But yeah, it’s really cool seeing more people in the company be comfortable now to come out. And obviously new signees coming in, that they feel comfortable being part of this company, and hopefully proud of who they are in this company.”

WWE teased a storyline between Deville and Mandy Rose before pulling the plug, and they then had a storyline involving Lana and Liv Morgan. Deville was asked how it felt for WWE to have an LGBTQ storyline that she wasn’t involved in.

“So obviously, Mandy and I were upset momentarily. It was something that we really pushed for,” revealed Deville. “But never say never and I think that it’s definitely still a possibility that it will or could happen in the future. I think representation in different storylines and stuff like that is awesome. I think it’s good. There’s a lot of different ways you can do it. There’s not just one way to do it and it’s not just Mandy and I that have to do it.

“Obviously, we took a lot of time out and had a lot of meetings with GLAAD, and they were helping us write and direct the story. So, I hope we can get back to it one day. But yeah, I would like to see it also revealed in other storylines in the future too.”

Pro wrestling is flooded with heterosexual storylines and Deville discussed how it would be possible to mention a homosexual relationship without it being done overtly.

“I think that’s what’s cool is it doesn’t have to be a long drawn out storyline about two girls or two guys being gay. I think it can just be natural inclusion in the product,” said Deville. “Just like you knew Rusev and Lana were dating for years and years and years. Maybe you can know two girls are dating or two guys are dating, but it’s not part of the storyline. You know what I mean?”