It was reported previously that Stardom had cancelled shows through March 22. However, Stardom went ahead with their annual Cinderella Tournament show with fans in attendance. Fans were required to take a temperature check before entering Korakuen Hall.

The Cinderella Tournament is a one-day single-elimination tournament. Wins can occur via pinfall, submission or over the top rope to floor. The winner is granted a title shot of their choosing either the World of Stardom Championship (red belt) or the Wonder of Stardom Championship (white belt).

Stardom aired the first round of the Cinderella Tournament live on YouTube. The rest of the tournament is aired on their streaming service Stardom World. You can view the first round in the video above.

Below are the results from the event:

* Natsu Sumire defeated Hina, Rina and Itsuki Hoshino

First round

* Momo Watanabe defeated Starlight Kid

* Giulia defeated Jungle Kyona

* Konami defeated AZM

* Syuri defeated Jaime Hayter

* Tam Nakano defeated Saki Kashima

* Natsuko Tora defeated Saya Kamitani

* Utami Hayashis–ta and Maika went to time-limit draw, both eliminated

* Mayu Iwatani and Hana Kimura both went over the top rope and to the floor, both eliminated

Second round

* Giulia defeated Momo Watanabe

* Syuri defeated Konami


* Natsuko Tora defeated Tam Nakano

* Giulia defeated Syuri


* Giulia defeated Natsuko Tora