The Dark Order's Exalted One Is Revealed On AEW Dynamite

After months of mystery it was revealed on tonight's AEW Dynamite that Brodie Lee (fka WWE's Luke Harper) is the Dark Order's Exalted One.

Below is a recap of tonight's segment that featured Lee:

Evil Uno and Grayson out to the ring, Uno says the Exalted One is near, and the rest of the members will see what he's seen. He promised the Exalted One is near, and he never lies. He says The Exalted One is near a couple times. Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels come to the ring. Daniels tells them to stop, he's tired of the lies. He says the Dark Order hasn't made anyone any better, and that he's sick of it. Daniels says there's no Exalted One, it's just Grayson and Uno. Music begins playing.


Via video, a masked man walks forward. "We do what we want, when we want, if I want something, I take it." He removes the mask and it's Brodie Lee! Lee says Daniels is unsafe now thanks to all of his talking. "You are not the first out of touch old man who didn't believe in me, but I'll make damn sure you are the last." Back in the ring, Lee is behind Daniels and Kazarian! He, Uno, and Grayson attack the two guys. John Silver and Alex Reynolds get in the ring. Uno yells "Who are you?" The rest yell "We are one!" as Lee stands at the front of the pack. He then walks to the back.

Lee was released by WWE back in December after initially requesting his release from the company.

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You can see highlights from segment in the images below: