WWE this week unlocked a vast portion of the WWE Network library for a limited time. However, fans in Saudi Arabia are unable to take advantage of this offering.

WWE confirmed that the Network is not available in Saudi Arabia "until further notice".

Despite WWE announcing last year that they are expanding their partnership with the Saudi General Entertainment Authority through 2027, WWE has been unable to secure a new television deal in the Middle East. During the WWE 2019 earnings call last month, WWE Chief Financial Officer Frank Riddick stated that the deal hasn't been made because of the "Saudi Arabian government and their own ways of going about and doing business."

"We don't want predict a specific date (when the deal will be finalized)," Riddick said. "The uncertainties are around the timing and the amount, not that these deals will eventually be done."

WWE did return to Saudi Arabia last month for Super ShowDown on February 27th at the Mohammed Abdou Arena in Riyadh, KSA.