As noted earlier, WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch spoke with Ariel Helwani on ESPN MMA.

While talking about WrestleMania 36, the interview got personal about her relationship with WWE star Seth Rollins. Becky said that she and Seth had been friends for years and immediately after the first conversation, they hit it off. After both of them were single at the same time, they decided to start dating.

“We’ve been friends for years and years, and just immediately the first conversation that I ever had with him… we just hit it off,” said Becky. “I think I just ended up telling him my life story. And that was it, we were just friends, and there was never really anything. But then, we were both single at the same time, and then we were like, ‘Why not?’

Last August, the couple got engaged. They haven’t confirmed yet their wedding date. Back in February, Becky was asked if they had a date picked out by TMZ and her answer was, “Stay tuned, ‘The Man’ doesn’t give it all away.”

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