WWE Superstars Natalya and Kevin Owens, along with WWE Producer Adam Pearce, have now tweeted to support the WrestleCon promoters in their issue with Marriott International over a hefty bill linked to the WrestleCon 2020 cancellation. The three are speaking out as Marriott Titanium Elite members.

As noted on Monday, WrestleCon revealed on Twitter that they were forced to cancel their week of events after WWE did the same with WrestleMania 36 Week due to the coronavirus pandemic. The convention promoters revealed in another tweet to a fan that due to Marriott International’s “Cancellation & Refund Policy” they are apparently being charged more than $114,000 for “liquidated damages.”

Owens took to Twitter and said he’s truly disgusted by what Marriott is trying to do.

He wrote, “Before I made it to WWE, the folks at @HighspotsWN helped me provide for my family with events like @wrestlecon. Considering the circumstances and as a Titanium Elite member myself, I’m disappointed and truly disgusted by what @Marriott is trying to do to those guys. Shameful!”

Pearce called on Marriott to do the right thing.

He wrote, “Hi @Marriott, I too am a Titanium Elite @MarriottBonvoy member that will be more than eager to take all of my future business somewhere else should the situation highlighted below not get some common sense attention. Do the right thing.”

Natalya agreed with Pearce’s tweet and added, “I second that, @ScrapDaddyAP. I’m titanium elite, too.”

WrestleCon has not provided an update on the issue with Marriott past what we posted earlier. You can click here to read our earlier report on wrestlers supporting WrestleCon, including Chris Jericho’s tweet to President Donald Trump.

Below are the tweets from Owens, Natalya and Pearce: