Diamond Dallas Page has made a couple of appearances in AEW and was involved in a six-man tag match with MJF on the other side. He's seen first-hand how much devotion MJF has to his character and he discussed that when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"He takes being a heel to a different level. You're not cheering for Maxwell. You may love to hate him, but you're not gonna cheer for Max and he's gonna make sure you don't. He's one of my favorite people because he's just so talented," DDP said before noting that MJF appeared on Rosie O'Donnell's show at 5 years old, video of which is available online.

"This kid at 5 years old is so, so money."

DDP then told a story of being on Jericho's cruise and seeing some of the comedians onboard. He said that this one comic was super-funny and said you have to admire the commitment of MJF.

"It was the first signing [MJF] did and Sting was there and all of the big boys were there," DDP said of the cruise. "I wanna say Sting was $150. So, what was Max? $151 because he wanted it to be the most expensive autograph on the floor and it worked. He still signed about 100 pictures even though he wasn't really at that [top] spot. The quickest way to get there is to act like you've already been there. Max knows that he's money and has that super confidence."

DDP then got back to the comic who said, "MJF, we love to hate you" to which MJF replied by grabbing the guy's coffee, spitting in it, giving it back to him and saying, "So, what do you need" as everyone burst out laughing.

Page then brought up that with so many kids at home now because of the coronavirus pandemic, he created special yoga programs tailored to them.

"It's something I did years ago and I shot it at my house for kids 8 to 12. There's three different workouts one is just under 20 minutes, the next is 30 and the next is 40. It's just fun and I threw some extra things in it that I normally might not do for adults," stated Page.

"When everybody started closing out doors with school, I thought about the parents. You're not supposed to let your kids mingle with other kids because you don't know what their parents have got. It's just them in their house."

DDP said the workouts are available at DDPYoga.com/KidsFree where all three workouts can be viewed.

"I know a lot of parents who will do the kids' workout with their kids. Then, they'll bring them to their workouts they do with me which is pretty cool. With DDPY, the workouts literally start in bed so nobody can tell me, 'Oh man, your sh*t is way too hard.' Really? The workouts literally start in bed," said Page.

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