As noted yesterday, the XFL has ceased all ongoing operations and will cancel their 2021 season in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic. This development comes nearly a month after the XFL first cancelled the remainder of the 2020 season following their fifth week of play.

As seen in the tweet below, XFL first began refunding season tickets for the 2021 season on Thursday night prior to announcing the end of operations. It was reported that this decision was initially due to the company wanting to put money back in the pockets of their fans during economically challenging times.

“I’ve been told by a league official that all deposits for 2021 #XFL Season Tickets will be refunded to ticket holder bank accounts in the coming days,” @KonnorFulk_XFL writes. “This is an attempt by the XFL to put money back in the pockets of fans during these economically challenging times.”

All employees have been released from the company except for some executives. A prominent former XFL staffer told ESPN that the league is done for good.

“It’s done,” the staffer said. “It’s not coming back.”

As noted, Vince McMahon signed deals for three years to broadcast games with ABC, FOX, ESPN, ESPN 2 and FS1. Ratings unfortunately saw a decrease each week, even with attendance meeting expectations.