Get A Phone Call From Jake Roberts, DDPY 4 Kidz Available For Free, AEW Dynamite Pre-Show Video

- In the video above is the pre-show for tonight's episode of AEW Dynamite. As previously reported, tonight's episode will feature Lance Archer's in-ring debut, Kenny Omega facing Trent as well as Darby Allin & Cody Rhodes battling Shawn Spears & Sammy Guevara. The four remaining names in the TNT Championship tournament will also be announced.

- DDPY has launched DDPY 4 Kidz to help keep children happy, healthy and moving with the majority of the nation now staying at home due to the coronavirus. The program consists of three workouts specifically designed for smaller framed bodies and joints. It is available for free at this link. Also, DDPY is always 50% for veterans, which includes DVDs and the DDPY App.

- AEW Superstar and WWE Hall of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts is helping to raise money on IndieGoGo for his high school friend, Joe Case, who is battling Stage 4 Cancer and is going through dialysis three times a week. Jake is donating his time and money to help Joe pay for his treatments and is offering autographed photos and phone calls for fans who can help. The tiers for donations are as follows, you can donate by clicking here.

$50: Autographed Photo

$100: Phone Call from Jake

$120: Autographed Photo and Phone Call from Jake

Below are more details on Joe Case from his IndieGogo page:

Joe Case has been a self employed mechanic in Gainesville, Texas for more than 40 years. If you know Joe, you know that his last name should be Blunt, because blunt is what Joe has always been. And...there is also NO argument about his ability as a mechanic. Thru the years Joe has taken many friends and family members under his wing, and given them a job when no one else would. The valuable lessons learned on the job with Joe are skills they could not have learned outside his shop. Joe He currently keeps the Cooke County EMS ambulances running, ultimately ensuring lives are saved in his community, every single day.

Joe Case has been an avid drag racer at tracks such as Northstar Dragway in Sanger, Texas and Ardmore Raceway in Springer, Oklahoma. He has participated in Pinks! All Out races, and raced professionally for a time. At one point he even built a wrestling ring in his shop for childhood friend Jake "the Snake" Roberts and travelled with him to set up and tear down the ring at his events.

Beyond his accomplishments as a mechanic, racer, and friend, he is a father to two very strong willed and hard headed daughters not much unlike himself. And though we have not always seen eye to eye he has taught them both lessons they couldn't have learned from anyone else. He is my sister, Mallory's biggest fan as she finishes nursing school amid the current crisis our world is in. Beyond the vast knowledge of engines he has shared with us, he has shared a tenacity for life, the fact that friends are the family we choose, and that a handshake is the strongest first impression you can ever make. He is also "Uncle Joe" to two nieces and "Pappa Joe" to 4 granddaughters and a great niece.

Until October 2019, Joe had had only one surgery to replace a knuckle as a young man and wouldn't be caught dead at a doctor's office! After rushing to the hospital at his friend and physician's advice he was told his kidneys were failing and was admitted immediately. After nearly 3 weeks in the hospital he was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and Adrenal Carcinoma. These diagnoses changed his entire life and caused him to spend more time in the hospital over the course of the next 5 months, and include more surgeries than we can even keep up with. He requires renal dialysis 3 times a week, and 45 minutes from home, to perform the functions his kidneys are no longer capable of doing. He does not qualify for a transplant due to the advanced stages of the two different cancers. He is currently finishing his first course of radiation treatments and will hopefully begin chemo soon.

As a self employed mechanic, Joe has no health insurance, making the ever growing medical costs a constant worry, on top of his standard costs of living. And he would never admit it but he does treatment as early in the day as he can in order to come directly to work at the shop! A factor I doubt his doctors are aware of. But Joe knows people depend on him and his shop so he continues providing his services to his community and maintaining his livelihood. He is a fighter and although this will ultimately lead to his passing he says he has things yet to be done! He wants to see Mallory graduate as an RN and he wants to finally walk me down the aisle to his favorite son in law he fondly refers to as "Go Sit in the Truck". He wants to travel with his grandchildren and wants to take his Cuda down the track a few more times...