Humberto Carrillo Talks Being Left Off WWE WrestleMania 36 Card

Like many other WWE Superstars who did not receive a match at this year's WrestleMania, Humberto Carrillo is hopeful that he'll get his big match opportunity next year.

"Being at WrestleMania is a dream. I know one member of my family is going to be there [Angel Garza]. That makes me really proud, but I wanted to feel that sensation too," Carrillo said to The Bump panel. "It's not the last one that I can get into."

Carrillo never thought that he would join forces with one of his childhood hero's, Rey Mysterio. Since January, both him and Mysterio have teamed up to take on Carrillo's cousin, Angel Garza, and the WWE United States Champion, Andrade. He says his time with Mysterio has been a dream come true.

"Aw man, teaming with Mysterio has been a dream," Carrillo exclaimed. "Since I was a kid, I remember watching him in WCW, and then in the WWE. He's a hero to a lot of Mexican people. He's like a face to the wrestlers in Mexico. ..I remember in our last match, I was in the corner, and I was looking at Rey and his luchador skills and I was thinking 'How did I get here?' It's crazy when it happens, but I feel really blessed to be here in the WWE, and to share the ring with Rey Mysterio and the other WWE Superstars."

Even though Carrillo could not obtain the U.S. Championship at Elimination Chamber last month, he is still eyeing for that title and another rematch for it down the road.

"Since I came here to Raw, I've had my eyes on that title," Carrillo informs. "I want that title. I want the United States Championship. I'm going to work hard until I win it. In my mind, I still want to go for it. I think that's the first step – getting that title and beating Andrade. I know that it's hard. He's a really tough wrestler, but I don't know. I think I can do it. I think I can beat him. It's going to interesting in how I'll get into those matches again, but I'm really excited for it."

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