As noted, it’s been confirmed that more than two dozen WWE wrestlers, Performance Center coaches, Producers and other talents were released or furloughed on Wednesday due to business changes brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. You can click here for the current list of confirmed releases. You can click here and click here for details on the COVID-19 business changes from WWE.

AEW announcer & Senior Advisor Jim Ross took to Twitter as the releases were being announced and offered some words of encouragements for the talents who were cut.

“Daunting day for our business,” Ross wrote. “@WWE folks released please realize this is not the end but can be your new beginning. Count the blessings that you have and persevere. Never give up!”

It’s believed that more cuts are coming in the next week or so, but that has not been confirmed. @Wrestlevotes reported that the final number of cuts would be “well in the hundreds” on Wednesday evening. Stay tuned for updates and more fallout from the WWE changes.

You can see the full tweet from the WWE Hall of Famer, Good ‘Ol JR, below: