Nia Jax Says She Will Knock Out Ronda Rousey When She Comes Back To WWE

As noted today, several WWE stars like Alexa Bliss and Lana are upset at Ronda Rousey because of earlier comments she made on the Wild Ride! podcast with Steve-O.

What she said was, "I love the WWE. I had such a great time. I love all the girls in the locker room. Running out there and having fake fights for fun is just the best thing. I love choreography. I love acting. I love theater. Live theater and some of the last forms of live theater."


Earlier today, Ronda did respond to the backlash.

"Anyone who is outraged by me calling pro wrestling 'fake fights for fun' has never been in a REAL fight," Rousey said. "While you all are tiptoeing around bruising some pro wrestlers' huge soft egos ? no one is thinking about all the REAL fighters you're insulting when pretending pro wrestling is somehow on the same level of realism. Yes, I understand, wrestling 300 days a year for years on end is incredibly tough on the body and a difficult profession ? but do you know what would happen if you got in 300 REAL fights a year? You would be dead."

Nia Jax wasn't happy with her response or earlier comments on Steve-O's podcast. Nia said that once Ronda comes back to WWE she was going to knock her the 'f–ck out.' She also said that she wasn't going to make her look good in the ring.


Her full tweet was, "I can't wait for Ronda 2 one day return 2 WWE. Even if WWE orders me to make Ronda look good in the ring, which is the ONLY way for Ronda 2 look good in the ring w/me. I'll risk my job 2 go down in history as the one from this biz that knocked her the F**K out! #TestMeb—h"

Alexa Bliss did reply to Nia's tweet with a GIF from the movie, White Chicks.

Below you can see Nia and Alexa's tweets: