Ryback On WWE Possibly Getting Upset Over Brodie Lee Mocking Vince McMahon

AEW's Brodie Lee, f.k.a. Luke Harper in WWE, recently parodied Vince McMahon in a skit where he did a couple of things that are known to get under McMahon's skin. This includes sneezing and someone eating before McMahon could while at dinner.


There are reports that some in WWE were very upset about the skit and Ryback discussed that on "Ryback TV Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report With Raj Giri."

"I would like to know who was upset. I feel like everyone was probably laughing," Ryback said before Raj mentioned perhaps someone like Stephanie may have been upset. "Maybe, I know she's talked about it before. It's just such an odd thing? Like what the f–k is going on?

"I loved it. I thought it was fantastic. I like AEW doing edgy things like that ? f–king bring it to WWE. This is just me, but I see a company building momentum and I see WWE losing momentum. Even with everything going on, I fee like there's this shift going on in pro wrestling that I love watching."


Ryback admitted that he doesn't always love everything that AEW does but he appreciates that they are being open-minded.

"If WWE is not careful then AEW, over time, is gonna have a real shot at this. It's better TV and is more entertaining," stated Ryback. "They have found a way to be more entertaining with no crowd. The wrestling is boring to me but at least they're giving you some edgy stuff with that. I say edgy because it's cool to take a shot at your former employer, and it's funny because it's true."

He then noted that Paul Heyman once told him to make sure he talks to Vince after he's eaten because he's easier to talk to then.

"He was never edgy with me as far as with the food but I've heard the stories. I've seen how he treats the writers so I have no doubt it's 100 percent true and the sneezing stuff is well known," Ryback said before Raj asked him if he's ever seen someone sneeze in front of Vince.

"Not that I could recall. We used to do promo classes with production, writers and all of the talent and those were uncomfortable. Vince would call you up there and you'd have to do random promos and he would critique you. It was crazy times and I've seen some crazy sh*t. But I never saw anyone sneeze."


Ryback said he was personally never worried about sneezing in front of Vince.

"But not letting someone eat ? what kind of sh-t is that? What the f–k? This ain't the 1600s pal, wake the f–k up [laughs]," said Ryback.

WWE hasn't taken too many public shots or even mentions of AEW but Ryback thinks that as things evolve, WWE will acknowledge AEW more.

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