Stardom And Other Japanese Promotions Cancel More Shows Due To COVID-19

To help slow the spread of the coronavirus, Japan has decided to declare a state of emergency in Tokyo and other areas of the country. As a result, Stardom, Pro Wrestling Noah and Big Japan Pro-Wrestling have announced the cancellation of shows through April and early May.


Stardom had initially cancelled their early April shows. They have now cancelled the rest of their April shows as well as their May events that were set for Golden Week. The Golden Week shows were set to be women-only shows comprised of all female staff and only admit female fans.

Pro Wrestling Noah held a no-fans show for their Global Tag League event after cancelling some of their shows. However, the status of their future shows will be on hold as they have announced the cancellations of their shows scheduled for the end of April and the beginning of May.

Big Japan Pro-Wrestling will discontinue their Hokkaido tour and cancel all their shows in April. Some of their events have been rescheduled for June, and the promotion hopes to continue their shows on May 16.


Japan's state of emergency declaration will be in effect for a month.

Stay tuned for more updates on the status of shows from Japan.