The Blue Meanie Describes How He And JBL Buried The Hatchet

Former ECW and WWE wrestler The Blue Meanie is getting into the podcast game with "Mind of Meanie." He discussed what led him to start a podcast when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast earlier today.

"I've always wanted to do a podcast and it's a matter of the whats, the whens, the hows, the wheres. A couple of years I went and bought some audio gear but when it comes to a podcast, you need a good co-host," stated Meanie. "Not just for the fact that you need someone to converse with, but you also don't have to worry about this person going out and causing a stir on social media. I've worked hard to have somewhat of a good reputation in the wrestling business and I have to trust the person to do the podcast with."

Meanie recalled a blue light bulb going off on over his head and realizing he'd done a lot of good interviews with Josh Shernoff from FITE. Shernoff was on board when approached and Meanie calls him the machine behind the Mind of Meanie.

"I'm a big fan of not having a concept or format; I just want a good conversation about anything," said Meanie. "Some guys dedicate shows to a specific subject or just talk wrestling, but I want someone to say, 'Hey Meanie, what's up' and we just talk. I'm a big fan of Joe Rogan's podcast and he talks about everything in my wheelhouse. I can listen to him talk to anybody and that's the vibe I want for Mind of the Meanie."

In 2005 during WWE's One Night Stand PPV, Meanie was legitimately injured by JBL during a scrum between WWE and ECW wrestlers. There was then heat between the two but Meanie states that they have since made up and JBL is supporting his podcast.

"The weird thing is, me and John made up long ago and have been friends," revealed Meanie. 'It was a while ago and pretty much right after the incident. He's been a supporter of mine and has helped me out here and there on the down low. I was very happy he reached out and threw his support. People seem to forget that we made up.

"When the Royal Rumble was here in Philly, he pitched to have me as an ECW surprise. So, me and John have long made up and we're cool."

Meanie then talked more about burying the hatchet with JBL.

"After everything happened, I kinda went off on my own website and the news sites. WWE brought me in and when we got to the building, they go, 'Well, you're wrestling JBL tonight.' I go, 'Does John know this?' They go, 'You're gonna hit a moonsault and you're gonna win' and I go, 'Does John know this?'

"It was in Sacramento at a SuperShow and JBL comes up, 'Hey man, you wanna talk?' We go find a room that is way in the bowels of the building and I'm thinking this is kinda weird. I go, if I walk into the room and there's plastic on the floor then I'm gonna run!

"We go in the room and he says, 'Hey man, we can talk or we can fight' and I didn't wanna fight. So, we just talked. I gave him my perspective and he said there was a lot of stuff he didn't remember."

In terms of their match, JBL said, "We can fight or we can make money" and Meanie said he is all about making money. Meanie also laughed at a fan on Twitter realizing JBL followed him long ago, so the cat's out of the bag that they are friends.

"When you go around and hold a grudge, it does nothing to the person you have a grudge against. It eats away at you more than that person. At 46 years old, I've learned to let things slide off my back. At the end of the day I keep my circle of friends small," stated Meanie.

"As far as JBL, we're cool. I've been in worse situations that nobody's ever seen. That one just happened to be magnified because it was on PPV."

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