Former WWE star Zack Ryder (Matt Cardona) posted a photo on social media of ring gear he's planning to wear in the future.

Ryder shared he was planning to first wear the ring gear in 2016. The gear is inspired by his wrestling trainer, ECW Original Mikey Whipwreck.

He tweeted, "I originally planned to wear this gear in 2016, but didn't. It is inspired by my wrestling trainer, @mikeywhipwreck. I had planned to wear it a few more times, but for one reason or another, I didn't get to wear it. I can't wait to wrestle again and finally wear this."

Zack Ryder was one of the WWE stars that was released on April 15. He was released because of WWE's coronavirus-related business changes detailed at this link and this link.

Below you can see the photo: