WWE RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch made an appearance in Showtime's Billions, as seen in the clips above and below (Note: language). Lynch played herself, did a little bit of wrestling in the show, then gave a motivational speech that tied in her experiences in the wrestling business.

"The greatest thing you can do in my game is put someone over to make them look good," Lynch said in the show. "In wrestling, we don't all like each other that part is not for show I cannot stand some of those women I have to fight, but at the end of the day we're all part of a bigger family. We all do the job for each other."

Reported earlier this week, Lynch looks to have the entertainment industry's eye and could be in line for more appearances outside of WWE.

Kris Tapley from Netflix's The Call Sheet has also reported Lynch has a role in an upcoming Marvel movie.

"The Man" is also expected to appear in a major national women's magazine in the near future.