Former WCW superstar Buff Bagwell is on Cameo where he charges $50 for a video. Many other superstars use Cameo as a means to connect with fans.

Roman Reigns recently created an account. Also, Dolph Ziggler recently bought a video from Hornswoggle as well.

However, Bagwell's recent Cameo video caught a lot of fans by surprise as his face was visibly bruised. He also had a slight slur as he was doing the video.

He did address his bruised face in the beginning of the video.

"I am Buff, I am The Stuff and the girls just can't get enough. Look at me. I got a broke face, and I'm still good looking. Look at me," Bagwell said as he removed his sunglasses to show his face. "Do not adjust your screen. I am still this good looking. Are you kidding me?"

The rest of the video addresses a fan that was in distress due to the quarantine everyone is under due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bagwell says that everyone else stressed out about quarantine including himself to the point that he disturbingly says he would put his girlfriend in a choke-hold, who is holding the camera for the video as he transitions to the things that people can be doing under quarantine.

"Well guess what motherf--ker? We all are. Are you f--king kidding me? S--t, I'm about to tear my own house up right the f--k now. I'm thinking about putting a choke-hold on my girlfriend, who's also the cameraman just to end this motherf--ker," Bagwell says as his girlfriend moves the camera for effect. "I'm over it, but you still have TV and YouTube. So just toss back a six-pack and watch a few great matches."

You can watch the full video in below: