On this past Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite, Chris Jericho called out Mike Tyson, still looking for revenge from a punch Tyson sent Jericho’s way ten years ago in WWE.

With the two likely meeting again in the future, Jericho told Sports Illustrated he’s hoping it will be a boxing match or a street fight.

“What excites me most? A program with Mike,” Jericho responded. “We didn’t have a script for Mike; we’re not giving him cues. He’s going to do what he wants, and you saw that on Wednesday night. There were guys in the ring that I didn’t even know were going to be in the ring. Mike wanted them to be in the ring, so OK. That’s Mike Tyson. He’s a loose cannon, he can go off at any time and he’s dangerous. I don’t care if he’s 53 or 33 or 23, he looks crazy and he is crazy. That’s why we love him.

“I loved the concept of Piper-Mr. T, but the actual execution was not good. We’ll never do a boxer vs. wrestler. Either we’ll do a straight up boxing match?I’m not kidding. So what if I’m knocked out by Mike Tyson? I’ve been knocked out by worse ? or we’ll do a street fight. Right now, the match is secondary to the pomp and circumstance that we will have in getting to the spectacle of the pay per view. That’s what wrestling is all about, it’s the story. People are so focused on the in-ring, which is great, but if there’s no story, there’s no match.

“Whatever we decide to do, it’s the buildup that needs to be great. We don’t know what’s going to happen. We have ideas; his people have ideas. And if we’re able to work something out where Mike isn’t just the enforcer, and he’s in the match, then people won’t know what to expect. You’ll have two loose cannons ? because I’m just as crazy as Tyson is ? putting on a great performance for everybody that wants to see it.”

As noted, Jericho is scheduled to face Colt Cabana on this Wednesday’s Dynamite after Jericho put some blame on Cabana for keeping him away from Tyson.