It’s been over six years since Christian last wrestled and he has seamlessly transitioned into a media career. He’s currently a contributor on WWE Backstage and he talked about his role when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“It’s been a lot of fun and I really like the show. Nothing like this has been done before with WWE moving to FOX. It’s a huge deal to have the studio show and be there from the ground floor. We have great chemistry and I like everyone that I work with on-camera and off. Everybody behind the scenes is awesome as well and they’re all wrestling fans. It’s really cool to see how excited they get about the shows,” said Christian.

“It’s fun and it’s one of those things where you just have to have an unbiased opinion. You have to give your personal take on how you see things going and be honest about it. If you’re honest, then I think the viewer will appreciate that.”

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the Backstage crew to work remotely which can bring about its own challenges. Christian was asked if it’s harder to be a pundit now considering the circumstances.

“I think it’s necessary to talk about it. Everybody’s in the same boat and everyone understands that the world is kinda shut down. When people were asking about WrestleMania, I thought it was really important that it went on,” stated Christian. “I think the world needs that entertainment and needs that escape. They need something.

“Obviously, there’s nothing like being in front of a live crowd. That’s what makes a wrestling show ? getting that instant feedback and taking them on an emotional journey through what you’re doing in a ring. Nothing will ever replicate that. So, if we’re helping further that along with the importance of these matches from a different angle with Backstage, then I think it’s super-important at this point in time.”

Many think wrestling shouldn’t be running any shows at the moment and they point to the low ratings that WWE is getting with their no-crowd shows. Christian was asked what pro wrestling can be doing to retain their fans.

“I think it’s such a wrestling thing since the Monday Night Wars that everybody concerns themselves with ratings. With Backstage, people always talk about, ‘The rating is this. The rating is that.’ The fact is that it’s doing bigger numbers than whatever was in that time spot before. I know that for a fact. I’d be interested to know if it’s just wrestling or if that’s across the board for other shows as well,” said Christian.

He then pointed out with people at home, they are more likely to binge watch which would affect ratings. He also admitted that you can’t replicate the live audience but no one can help what is going on at the time.

“It’s just important that you put your best foot forward and try to do the best you can under the circumstances. I think everybody from the performers to behind the scenes is doing that and that’s all you can ask for. As wrestling fans, you know that some day it’s gonna go back to the way it was,” stated Christian.

During these unusual times, WWE has experimented with cinematic matches such as the Boneyard and Firefly Fun House matches at WrestleMania. Christian shared his thoughts on these atypical matches.

“In this situation it certainly helps change up the look of the environment,” said Christian. “It gives it a different feel. I thought the Boneyard Match was unbelievable. I thought the Fun House match was completely different than what I thought it was gonna be in a good way. It was so out there that I thought it was really good as well.

“In this situation, I think it’s necessary. But with the success of them, there will definitely be a place for them when things go back to the way they were. It’s also not something I wanna see on a weekly basis as I don’t want it to become just a regular thing. I want it to become special.”

Another contributor to Backstage is CM Punk and Christian discussed him possibly returning to a WWE ring.

“I’ve been on with him a couple of times and we have always been cool with each other. I’ve never talked to him about it as it’s not my business,” said Christian. “But I think wrestling fans have always wanted to see him back, but it’s up to him. At the end of the day, it’s a big step if he wanted to even entertain doing something within the wrestling walls and he’s done that with Backstage. So, I think people should just be happy to see him back at that and who knows what happens in the future.”

Christian produced and stars in the upcoming film “Cagefighter”, also featuring current AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell. “Cagefighter” will make it’s world debut on May 16th via

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