Earlier today, Game Changer Wrestling announced that they will running a show called "The Wrld On GCW Part 2" on June 20 making their debut in Indianapolis, IN. This will be the promotion's first show since The Acid Cup 2 took place in March where fans were able to watch and donate to wrestlers to support them as the COVID-19 pandemic has halted many independent promotions from running shows.

The news also comes after one of the largest indie promotions signed a long-term deal with IWTV. While also announcing a new show, GCW also made sure to announce the precautionary measures they will be taking and will be asking fans to take to respect social distancing guidelines.

GCW announced that fans are requested to wear face masks, masks will be provided at the door at no cost for fans in need and to respect your fellow fans' space. They also made note that the venue that this show will be held "is a non traditional 'venue' being used to ease our transition back to normalcy."

GCW also announced that ringside seating will be reduced by 50 percent and there will be efforts to ensure a safe distance between everyone. They have also said that "we will have no fewer than than 12 hand sanitizer stations on the premises."

You can view GCW's tweets about the show as well as reactions from Joey Janela and Chris Dickinson about the announcement below: