MJF in MLW is no more after he lost a loser leaves town match against Mance Warner on Fusion. Warner talked about running MJF out of MLW when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"I had to. I had to whip his ass. Me and him, we hate each other's guts and I can't stand him at all. He's a typical rich guy that has no respect for nobody," Warner said before it was brought up that the two of them have been compared to Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair.

"I see that for sure. I've had a lot of people make memes where they compare back in the day to now. I saw one recently that said MJF is like Ric Flair and I'm Dusty Rhodes. Then I saw one where they said he's like The Rock and I'm Stone Cold. Those are always cool to see. They could have been comparing us to f***ing Repo Man and Tito Santana, so I'll take that any day of the week."

Warner and MJF brawled throughout an empty arena before Warner picked up the pinfall victory. He talked about that match and what makes him a great representation of the MLW fans.

"Everybody knows that ol' Mancer represents the people. I go out there and fist fight people and after the show I'm drinking in the parking lot. I don't mind signing autographs and bullsh*tting with people that's what's pro wrestling is about. They spend their money and we give them a show," said Warner.

"People like MJF, he's got no respect for nobody and treats everyone like garbage. I can't stand him. So, when I roll up in there and I'm bringing what I bring to the table and he's bringing what he brings to the table, naturally I ain't gonna break bread with MJF. We don't like each other. That's the get-go. He's got his boys with Holiday and Hammerstone and it just went from there."

The match was the most watched MLW main event in Fusion history and Warner said that's just par for the course when he's on the TV screen.

"That's awesome, man. Then I found out that I've got a couple more of those. Me and Jimmy Havoc our barbed wire match was No. 2 or 3, I don't know. But I know ol' Mancer equals ratings," stated Warner. "People wanna see me beat the hell out of people so I'm all about that."

With MJF out of the picture, Gino Medina has taken his spot in The Dynasty and Warner shared his thoughts on him.

"I've got no respect for him either. If he's gonna take money from MJF and his boys then you can't trust nobody like that. You can't have no respect for nobody like that," said Warner.

"The way I remember seeing it go down, Gino comes out there and he brings a lot to the table for a young guy and I think he went out there and down the wrong path when he started associated with MJF and The Dynasty. At the end of the day, he's another guy that, if you roll with them then I've got no respect for you. I know they're paying you off and you're basically out there to do dirty work."

Warner was asked who he'll turn his attention to next in MLW with MJF no longer on his radar.

"I will fight anyone; it don't matter," replied Warner. "But I've got some unfinished business with The Dynasty. You've got Holliday and more importantly Hammerstone because he's got the gold and ol' Mancer always wants the gold.

"He cut a promo and I shared it on Twitter so everyone else can hear it. The way I look at it is, if you sit there and start running your mouth about ol' Mancer, I'm gonna hear that. Then I'm gonna share it as I want other people to hear it because I'm gonna use that as fuel for when I whoop your ass out there. He's got some nice blonde hair and I'm gonna make that red. Then I'm gonna whoop his ass and get that gold and keep on doing what I've been doing at MLW since I showed up out there."

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