Seth Rollins was impressed with Karrion Kross and Scarlett’s performance on NXT last week.

Kross, accompanied by Scarlett, made his in-ring debut in a quick squash match over Leon Ruff. After months of vignettes teasing it, Kross made his television debut in April by attacking, and kayfabe injuring, Tomasso Ciampa. The pair caused a buzz during their debut with their unique entrance, garnering praise from fans and WWE legends alike.

Rollins spoke about the pair’s debut with Planeta Wrestling. Rollins remembered Scarlett from the Chicago indie scene and said he is impressed with her improvement. He said he is interested in seeing how the pair performs in NXT, noting the potential they have.

“I’ve known Scarlett for a very long time,” Rollins said, “Karrion is someone that I’m starting to become familiar with. Scarlett is from Chicago, she came up in the Chicago indies. I was there before she was even training to be a wrestler. I remember she was this annoying little girl that wouldn’t go away at the shows in Chicago, and now to see what she’s turned into, it’s awesome, man.

“It’s really inspiring to see someone, who maybe I didn’t see so much potential in to begin with, get to this point in her career. She’s made it to the big time, and I think Karrion’s got all the potential in the world. Obviously their entrance (Wednesday) was something to behold. I’m looking forward to seeing what becomes of that. You only get one shot to make that first impression, and they did it with flying colors.”