With New Japan on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, many are wondering about the status of Bullet Club's Firing Squad. Member Tama Tonga was asked if fans can expect to see them in the future when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"Oh yes, definitely. I look at that as the special forces. Whenever sh*t goes f*cked up, we come in and f*ck sh*t up and kick them out and go back to our normal lives," Tonga said before being asked if the Firing Squad is like the nWo Wolf Pack.

"No, no. Nothing's ever been like the Firing Squad. This is the group that comes in with an axe to cut your head off."

The newest member of Bullet Club is KENTA and Tonga revealed why he was an appropriate addition to the group.

"When I first joined NJPW in Japan, KENTA was hot sh*t. Real hot sh*t. Then when he went to the other side, I felt like he got lost there and they didn't know what to do with him," admitted Tonga. "I feel that bringing him into Bullet Club would reignite the KENTA from before but now with more experience and knowledge and deadlier than before. So, I felt Bullet Club was the one to do that."

Recently released Karl Anderson was once the leader of Bullet Club and Tonga was asked if he could potentially rejoin the group.

"Oooh now, take it easy. I've given you enough juice. I've given you enough juice," said Tonga. "We'll let the world speculate but you know those are my brothers."

There's no date as to when New Japan will resume running shows again but Tonga discussed who he'd like to face once he does get back into the ring.

"I want to go ahead with Tanahashi and Ibushi again just to get those belts back. I felt we had great chemistry with the first run-in. I think there is more we can do together to get the ball running," Tonga said before turning his attention to one of them in particular.

"Eventually I'd like to go one-on-one with Ibushi. I'd like to mess that pretty face up."

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