Chris DeJoseph Says He Wasn't Into Giving His Life "To The Unpredictable Whims Of One Person"

Chris DeJoseph commented on Twitter about Bruce Prichard replacing Paul Heyman. As reported last month, DeJoseph was fired from his WWE creative job.

He was reportedly fired because of comments he made on a Zoom conference with WWE's Senior Vice President of Creative Services, Stan Stansky, and WWE's Senior Vice President of E-Commerce and Venue Merchandise, Kevin Moore.


Chris DeJoseph tweeted, "After ten years away wasn't really into giving my life to the unpredictable whims of one person. But I believe in @bruceprichard and his vision."

It was noted earlier this week that Bruce Prichard was replacing Paul Heyman as the WWE RAW Executive Producer.

Prichard replaced Eric Bischoff in October as the Executive Director of WWE SmackDown.

Below you can see DeJoseph's tweet: