WWE Champion Drew McIntyre spoke with Inside The Ropes where he talked about his ideal opponent for SummerSlam. It’s not clear yet if SummerSlam will be held with fans in attendance.

While McIntyre has brought up opponents he’d liked to feud with before, he named Randy Orton as a feud that has to happen.

“I think Orton is the one that has to happen,” McIntyre asserted. “You know right now we’re in the position where we’re building a lot of people, including myself, and myself and Lashley together I think we’ll be able to help each other with MVP bringing each other up, establishing each other as I’m on the rise establishing myself as champion and what my legacy is going to be.

“But someone like an Orton is someone who can make me work up, really learn from, he’s obviously an established name, people tune in saying hey there’s Randy Orton. “

McIntyre noted that a feud with Orton could establish him as a top star. McIntyre likened Orton to “his Joker.”

“If they’ve never seen me before or remember me from the past they’re gonna go ‘ooh who’s this guy?’ and he’s gonna help tell that story and really establish me as a top, top player. I think basically Randy Orton is my Joker.”

McIntyre defends his WWE Championship against Bobby Lashley at WWE Backlash this Sunday. Make sure to check back here this Sunday for our live coverage of the show, as well as the latest breaking news leading to the show.