Ring of Honor is one of the few North American promotions which hasn’t resumed or continued events during the coronavirus pandemic. They’ve been dark for nearly three months now and Flip Gordon discussed when they could potentially resume shows when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“We’re just waiting on the precautions. Obviously, it’s different state-to-state right now. But Marty is very good at thinking on the fly and he’s got something very special planned that I think a lot of people are gonna love,” teased Gordon. “I don’t wanna give away too much because it’s not my baby to give away.”

Marty Scurll has popped up on Behind the ELITE which hints at the possibility of a Villain Enterprises – ELITE feud and Gordon weighed in on that.

“I think that’s something that everybody thinks would be kinda special, myself included. But I haven’t heard anything. Obviously, there’s teases out there but don’t believe everything you see. But never say never as anything can happen in wrestling,” said Gordon who was then asked about PCO’s crazy videos he puts out on social media.

“He’s a maniac [laughs]. I love him to death but he’s a maniac.”

Shortly before ROH went dark, Gordon won a 20-man battle royal to earn a future shot at the ROH World Championship. He was asked about being in that position before everything came to a halt.

“If anything, it gives me the advantage because I dealt with this last year but it just wasn’t COVID as it was injuries,” said Gordon. “Now, everyone else is at home on our roster and we’re starting at zero. I’m staying hungry, working out and doing everything I can to get the edge on. Because as soon as we come back, guess what? I’m still the No. 1 contender so I’ve gotta be ready. If I’m not, then the only person I can blame is myself.”

Gordon was scheduled to take on Tama Tonga in a flip cup match at Supercard prior to it being cancelled. He was asked if he still plans on a flip cup duel with Tonga.

“I HAVE to beat Tama Tonga. He practically murdered me on Twitter a couple of years ago so I have to get revenge.”

Also at Supercard, Gordon was set to face RUSH in a World Title match and Gordon revealed something special he had planned for that match.

“I don’t wanna give too much away. But I was planning on having my girlfriend and my dog in attendance. Not part of an entrance ? not Cody-style ? but they would have been there,” stated Gordon.

“I love my dog and I was gonna bring him because Marty lives in Florida. His dog Winston and [my dog] Monty are friends and they were gonna have a dog playdate. So he wasn’t just coming just to come to the show.”

Gordon then talked about what would make him the person to defeat RUSH and why he should have an edge over the champion.

“I can take a beating. You saw it ? I took 10 lashes from Bully. I’ve been in hardcore matches, ladder matches and I’m a very tough individual. I’ve got a lot of heart and passion. I’ve lost the last several opportunities at the ROH gold and it’s slowed my momentum a lot. I can’t afford that to happen anymore and I won’t let it happen anymore,” stated Gordon. “So, once we’re able to come back, I’m coming back swinging and fighting because I want to be ROH World Champion. I want to represent the best wrestling company on the plane.”

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