In the wake of ongoing sexual assault allegations against him, a new report from reports that sources close to the matter believe that Impact’s Joey Ryan will not be returning to the company.

As noted, several allegations against Ryan continue to surface online via social media since the #SpeakingOut movement first began. One incident involves a wrestler named Corinne Mink, who said she was once picked up by Joey Ryan from the airport for a show and he groped her.

Ryan did provide a statement online regarding the allegations that first began to surface. In it, Ryan revealed that he entered counseling in October 2018 and still attends it every week. He also admitted that he didn’t always treat people with respect and acknowledges he could have possibly made others feel uncomfortable in the process.

Both Ryan and Bar Wrestling deleted their Twitter accounts this past weekend. Bar Wrestling, located in Los Angeles, California, was founded by Ryan in 2017.

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