Each week, a new episode of Being the Elite typically comes out on Mondays, but today it was decided by the three co-creators to hold off. Kenny Omega announced he talked with The Young Bucks and the three felt it wasn’t the right time to release a new episode.

“The Bucks and I have decided to hold off on releasing #BTE today,” Omega wrote. “We hope to be back some day in the near future.”

It’s interested to note the wording of “near future,” so the group may not be just taking this week off. The series is currently at 208 episodes.

Over the past few days the #SpeakingOut movement has called out numerous wrestlers and promoters over various sexual assault allegations. AEW had a few of its own wrestlers named ? including Jimmy Havoc, who is headed to receive counseling for mental health and substance abuse issues. AEW said they will evaluate his status with the company after completing rehab.

AEW also suspended Sammy Guevara without pay until further notice after his comments from 2016 about Sasha Banks.

“Bro, Sasha Banks… oh my God. When I was at the WWE the other week I wanted to just go f–king rape that woman,” Guevara said during the 2016 podcast.

Guevara has since spoken to Banks, apologizing both privately and publicly. Banks later released a statement.

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