Kiera Hogan Goes Off On Being Pushed To The Side "Again" In Impact Wrestling

Over the past few months, Kiera Hogan has been involved in both singles matches and tag matches opposite of Kylie Rae. Hogan discussed working with Ray when she joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"On a side note, I worked with Kylie back when Kylie only had a couple of matches under her belt and even then I knew Kylie was gonna be a star," stated Hogan. "I tell her that every time I work with her. She is a star. She is an awesome worker and is just the best. From the moment I stepped foot in the ring with her, I knew she was gonna be something big. She has endless, endless, endless potential and she's awesome to work with.


"But, I don't want her to get it twisted and think that she can just come in, super kick me and give me her little smile to the finish and everything is cool. It's not and that's why I got Tasha. She thinks everything is gonna be okay with a smile and it's not because we don't play games around here at Impact. This is not somewhere where you come and smile or make friends. You're here for competition and you're here to be the best. We're not here to make friends. We're here to be the best so you need to either put up or shut up."

Another face in the Knockouts Division, Deonna Purrazzo, came right in a few weeks ago and is already being pushed into the Knockouts title picture. For someone who has been established in Impact for years, Hogan discussed how it makes her feel that Purrazzo is getting this opportunity while she is being looked over.


"I've been around for three years. Three years! Ask me how many Knockout Title opportunities I've had," demanded Hogan.

"I've had one and it was my first loop at Impact and it was my second match I ever had. That was the first and only one I've had. Tell me ? do you think I deserve a title shot? Why does Deonna get to come and skip the line and Kiera just go to the side again? AGAIN? Why do I get pushed aside again? How do I feel about Deonna coming in and skipping the line? I'm angry. I'm heated. I'm the hottest flame and I'm on fire about it. It upsets me to the fullest because I have not gotten any opportunities to do what it do, to show what I've got and to show why I'm there and why I've been there so long. I am upset. I'm ready for my chance to be the Knockouts Champion because I know I'm ready. I've been ready and I know that it's time. It's been time for me to get an opportunity and to get that title. I know it's been time so I'm very upset about it.

"So who is Deonna? To me, nobody. Honestly, she can go and have her little title opportunity and she can get to the back of the line just like everybody else and when it's my time I'm gonna be ready to step up and snatch it right off of Jordynne Grace."


Hogan was then asked if she's gone to Impact management and asked why she hasn't gotten another title shot recently.

"You know, I would honestly just like to let what I'm doing now speak instead of going to and saying what I want. I'd rather my work speak for itself," said Hogan. "Everything I'm doing ? all of my passion, my frustration, my energy ? all of it is going into what I'm doing now. The moves that I'm making and the wins that I'm gaining, all of this attitude and energy that I'm showing is all of the fuel that I have because I want everybody to take notice."

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