Kiera Hogan Says It's A Matter Of "When" The Knockouts Tag Titles Return

Impact Wrestling's Kiera Hogan has a new running mate in newcomer Tasha Steelz. She is the latest in a line of Knockouts that have been affiliated with Hogan and Hogan explained what brought her and Steelz together when she joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.


"Well, over the past few years I've been attached to somebody. I've been everybody's friend, everybody's backup, everybody's sidekick, everybody's muscle," said Hogan. "I was raised to be solid on my own two feet as Kiera Hogan as an individual. I'm still in that same mind space, but I saw Tasha come in and I was like hold up. I'm not gonna let what happened to me happen to her. So, let met grab her under my wing before anybody else does and steers her wrong and let me steer her right. Because I've been through all of the wrong and all of the mistakes and I've been beat up enough. So, now it's my time to show what I've learned and what I've actually grasped from all of the experiences I've had and I'm gonna pass it down to somebody that was in my position once.


"But I want us to be equal and our alliance is more of an equal partnership and we're just trying to get going. We want everybody to know that we don't play no games and we're not afraid of anybody. So, we're just ready to win and ready to be the best."

Hogan mentioned that they're not afraid of anyone but Jessika Havok and Neveah have attempted to intimidate the duo. However, Hogan contends that Havok and Neveah pose no such threat.

"No, no, no. I've seen them on another platform so, you know, we're good. Don't worry, we're good. I'm not scared," said Hogan.

With all of these talented women in Impact, there's been discussions about the Knockouts Tag Titles being brought back. Hogan would be in favor of that and she spoke about why she and Steelz would be favorites.

"I see us winning those titles in that division because if anybody's a strong tag team, it's us. I see our chemistry, and of anybody, we have the most energetic personalities. We're the best and we're obviously not scared. We're just ready to win and we don't care who we have to go through. We know we're gonna win those titles when they come back because they will," stated Hogan.

Hogan said that with all of the duos of women in Impact it's time to bring the titles back. She also said her goal at the moment isn't the Knockouts Championship but rather those Knockouts Tag Titles.


"I'd rather be Knockouts tag champion because you know what? I'm looking up to Gail Kim because she was a Knockouts champion and a Knockouts tag champion at the same time. And that is my goal ? to have all of the gold," said Hogan.

Women's tag team wrestling has had its ups and downs throughout the history of pro wrestling in regards to titles. Hogan was asked why women's tag team wrestling hasn't resonated quite like men's tag team wrestling has.

"I don't know. I mean there a lot of good, solid women's tag teams but I feel like they haven't been secured and sound on a platform where they can be elevated. I feel like there's a lot of good tag teams on the indie scene but they just haven't had the chance to be elevated on a platform where they can be seen," stated Hogan.

"But with everything happening and doors opening now, I think now is the time for tag teams to stand up and arrive and come together as you can see with Naveah and Havok. Even Taya and Rosemary ? they've been in an alliance for the longest and now they're calling themselves a team. Kylie and Susie ? they weren't meant to be together but look at them. It's just natural chemistry. Everything happens for a reason and right now tag team wrestling in our division is what's happening. So, it just speaks for itself."


It seems that whenever a notable female wrestler from another promotion becomes available, they always seem to have eyes on Impact. Hogan was asked what draws in all of these talented female wrestlers.

"The secret sauce is that we're hot soup and the Knockouts Division has always been hot soup," said Hogan. "The Knockouts Division has always been the best and I've literally been saying it since I was 17 years old. I know you saw that video pop up on Twitter of me talking about the Knockouts Division when I was 17 and how it was the best division. Now look at me at 25 years old and I'm working for what I said was the best women's division and I wholeheartedly believe that. That's why they're gonna keep coming because they know this is where the competition is. They know this is where the best women are at and that's why they keep walking to the door."

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